I'm slowly cobbling together my own little universes for my own games and comics, in collaboration with my lovely partner, Ezekiel.
coming soon, when specific project pages are up, every project title will eventually link to their own more descript pages.


Victim's Veridity

A horrorporn expierience based loosely like the likes of BTD/2 and TPoF. 18+ media, contains gore, psychological horror, and slashers.

Ghost RPG (untitled)

two foster kids get adopted into different homes, towns apart. they stay in touch over the internet, but when one suddenly cuts contact out of nowhere, its up to the other to find out why.

Afterlife Game (untitled)

you wake up, alone, in a strange realm unlike what you think you once came from. with no memory to your name, you must find out why youre here... and who you are.

Horror Expierience (untitled)

you're alone in the woods. it's getting late, and your phone has little battery left and no service. you were turned around on your hike, but you hear what sounds like a telephone somewhere ahead. maybe someone lives out here who can help you out...?

Out of Sorts!

a comic i am working on with my partner. description TBA.

Untitled Visual Novel

The demon race has been struggling to survive for a while now. it's up to their current, and possible last, ruler to save them.

Untitled RPG

a co-project with my partner. protag must find their way out of an old mansion owned by an odd individual.